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Primary Contact
Mr. Dan Troy
200 23rd St Pittsburgh, PA 15215-2817 US

Key Employees

Service Center Facilities and Equipment

The list below describes the size of the service center and the equipment this EASA member possesses.

Work and Activities Performed By This Service Center

AC Electric Motor Rewinding or Rebuilding
B. Polyphase Motors less than 50 hp
C. Polyphase Motors up to 200 hp
D. Polyphase Motors over 200 hp
E. Polyphase Motors with formed coils
F. Polyphase Motors over 600 volts
G. Wound Rotors
H. AC Generator rewinding less than 50 kW
I. AC Generator rewinding over 50 kW
J. Brush Shifting Motors
Electrical Apparatus Sales
A. Single-phase Electric Motors
B. Polyphase Electric Motors
C. DC Motors
D. Transformers
E. Gear Motors, Speed Reducers
F. Adjustable-speed Drives
H. Generators
I. Hoists
J. Electric Motor Controls
L. Pumps
DC Motor or Generator Rewinding or Rebuilding
A. DC Motors or generators less than 10 kW
B. DC Motors or generators 10 kW and Over
C. Rotating fields less than 10 kW
D. Rotating fields 10 kW and Over
E. Armature Rewinding
Electric/Electronic Control Servicing
A. Electromechanical Field Servicing
B. Electronic Field Servicing
D. Switchgear 600 volts
F. Custom Panel Fabrication
Specialty Machine Rewinding or Rebuilding
A. Servo
B. Traction
C. Hermetic
D. Hoist
E. Cryogenic
F. DC Lifting Magnets
Mechanical Servicing
A. Dynamic Balancing
B. General Machine Shop
E. Pump Repairing
Field Service
A. Vibration Analysis
B. Alignment
C. Laser Alignment
D. Portable Balancing
Load Testing (Dynamometer Ranges)
A. Under 125 hp
B. 125 to 250 hp
C. 251 to 500 hp