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Select Presentations 2016-Toronto

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If you weren't able attend the 2016 EASA Convention, you can still benefit from all the great the education. Besides convention papers and handouts, the 2016 “Select Presentations” on USB flash drive includes audio recordings of most sessions with synchronized slide presentations. Copies of the session handouts are included, and some session also provide additional technical papers.

Papers and/or slide presentations included are:

Technical Presentations
• Pumping System Optimization – Bill Livoti
• Stator Core Testing: Know What You Have Before You Wind It* – Mike Howell
• How Winding Changes Affect Motor Performance* – Tom Bishop, P.E.
• Pump Cavitation Case Study* – Gene Vogel
• Hybrid Permanent Magnet Motors: Repair and Application Considerations* – Rich Schaefer
• DC Theory and Design 101* – Chuck Yung
• Failure Analysis of Bearings* – William Frabell
• Steel – Metallurgy and Practical Application of Various Grades of Steel* – Gene Vogel
• Speed/Torque Curves* – Jim Bryan

Management Presentations
• EASA Service Centers and Regulatory Inspections – Tom Barnes
• Regulatory Changes and Top Ten Safety Issues Facing the Service Center – Tom Barnes
• Global Industrial Economy 2016 and Beyond – Brian Beaulieu
• Practical Steps to Transition Your Business – Tom Deans
• Getting Your Business Ready for Sale – Tom Deans
• European Trends, Repair Industry Development and Industry 4.0 – Frederic Beghain, Johan De Coster, Dirk De Nutte, David Griffin, Mathis Menzel
• Offering Comprehensive Motor Management Programs* – Chris Culver

Sales/Marketing Presentations
• Enhancing Profit in EASA Service Centers – Joe Patterson
• How Customers Evaluate the Quality of Your Service Work – Jerry Peerbolte
• Introducing New Services: Are Customers Interested? – Jerry Peerbolte
• Vital Planning Regiments for Sales Professionals: Parts 1 and 2 – Don Buttrey
• Sustainable Sales Team Development: Parts 1 and 2 – Don Buttrey

* Includes additional technical paper

System requirements
Adobe Reader 9 or later, USB port, web browser and audio output for recording playback.

Note: Select Presentations is one of many benefits of registering for EASA Conventions. A copy is distributed FREE to all Full Business, Education & Exhibits, and Weekend Package registrants.

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