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Pump Repairs and Procedures - Webinar Recording Bundle

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A special discounted collection of 8 webinar recordings focusing on various aspects of pump repair.

Once purchased, all 8 recordings will be available on your "Downloadable products purchased" page in your online account.

Downloadable recordings in this bundle include:

Troubleshooting Pump Performance Problems
Presented May 2017

This presentation covers:

  • Not enough pressure (head) or not enough flow – how do you respond?
  • How to determine if a pump is operating properly
  • Differentiating a pump problem from a system problem
  • Determining pump load and power requirements
  • The effect of fluid parameters and cavitation on pump performance. 

Target audience: This will be most useful for service center technicians and engineers. The content will also be beneficial for supervisors and managers who are responsible for pump failure analysis and testing. 

Pump Failure Case Study
Presented December 2013

This presentation covers:

  • Brief overview of disassembly and evidence of failure
  • Discussion of possible failure scenarios
  • Review of actual repairs, modification and reassembly
  • Update of machine's present operation

Repair Tips for Submersible Pumps
Presented February 2013

This presentation focuses on:

  • Types of submersible pumps
  • Tips on seal arrangements
  • Common repair procedures
  • Cables and cable entries
  • Testing submersibles in the service center

Assessing Impeller Damage
Presented May 2019

The impeller is generally the most difficult pump component to repair and the most expensive to replace. This session will look at case histories of failed pumps and the steps to determine the cause of failure. Topics covered include:

  • Erosion, corrosion, cavitation or wear: What happened to this impeller?
  • How to spot the tell-tale signs
  • What operational conditions led to impeller damage

Repairing Impeller Damage
Presented May 2016

We’ve covered how to assess impeller damage. Now learn how to fix that damage. This presentation covers: 

  • Replacing/repairing wear rings
  • Repairing cavitation damage
  • Impeller replacement options
  • Dynamic balancing impellers

Techniques for Straightening Pump Shafts
Presented March 2011

The slender dimensions of many pump shafts make them susceptible to distortion, which affects pump performance and reliability. This recording presents a methodical approach and effective techniques for measuring and correcting shafts which are bent or twisted.

Target audience: This presentation is intended for service center supervisors, managers and machine shop technicians.

Vertical Turbine Pump Repair Tips
Presented February 2012

Vertical turbine pumps are used extensively in every segment of industry. Although they are not complex, repairing them in the service center can present a few challenges. This presentation gives some approaches and procedures that experience has shown will make the job easier.

Final Testing for Pumps - An Overview
Presented November 2014

The pump repairs are completed! Now the pump needs to be tested. This presentation discusses the procedures for the basic tests that can be performed on pumps that have been repaired in the service center.

Final testing of pumps can include:

  • Operational tests
  • Seal leakage test
  • Motor chamber leakage test (submersibles)
  • Casing pressure test

While some of these tests are not difficult to perform, knowing the methods and limits will help service centers to confidently deliver quality pump repairs.

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