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Mechanical Procedures - Webinar Recording Bundle

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A special discounted collection of 9 webinar recordings focusing on various aspects of mechanical repair of electric motors.

Once purchased, all 9 recordings will be available on your "Downloadable products purchased" page in your online account.

Downloadable recordings in this bundle include:

Proper Motor Cleaning: Avoiding Damage to the Motor and the Environment
Presented March 2015

This presentation examines features, benefits and drawbacks of both conventional and alternative methods of cleaning electric motors.

Methods covered include:

  • Immersion tanks
  • Steam cleaning
  • Parts-washing machines
  • Pressure washers
  • Abrasives
  • Ultrasonic devices

Environmental options for handling waste by-products are also addressed. If you are considering changing your cleaning methods, this webinar is for you.

Understanding Mechanical Fits
Presented November 2017

This presentation explores the basics of fits in mechanical assemblies, some of the standards that define them and their application in the inspection and repair of rotating electrical machines.

Target audience: Individuals responsible for performing mechanical inspections of fits, familiar with general electric motor assemblies.

Motor Lubrication Cautions & Tips
Presented December 2012

Lubrication is a vital part of any machine that moves. Understanding the mechanism that grease and oil use to provide that lubrication is important so that the maximum life of the equipment can be achieved.

This presentation discusses ways to get the most benefit from the lubricant by choosing the proper oil or grease and properly maintaining the equipment.

Critical to the process are compatibility, re-lubrication quantity and frequency and avoiding contamination.

Target audience: This presentation is most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers and engineers desiring to specify the proper lubricant and help motor users understand proper re-lubrication for the best effect.

Bearing Analysis and Failure Modes
Presented May 2012

This presentation identifies and defines these failure modes:

  • True and false brinelling
  • Spalling
  • Fluting (bearing current)
  • Cage damage
  • Fretting
  • Loss of fits
  • Lubrication problems
  • Shields and seals
  • Skidding
  • Preload
  • Internal clearance
  • Load zone and ball track
  • Key indicators: temperature, noise and vibration.

Target audience: The presentation is most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, and engineers desiring to analyze bearing failures to prevent future failures.

Axial Thrusting Causes and Corrections (Motors)
Presented September 2017

This presentation reviews the causes of axial thrust loading on bearings in motors and determine appropriate corrective actions. 

  • Vertical mounting
    • Vertical turbine pump
    • Sheave
    • Fans
  • External thrust loads
    • Fans
    • Misalignment
  • Internal thrust loads
    • Bearing journal shoulder to shoulder
    • Bearing seat
    • Bearing caps
    • Wavy washer
    • Bearing housing taper
    • Thermal expansion
  • Dissect a bearing

 Target audience: This presentation would benefit engineers and mechanics looking for the root cause of bearing failures.

Babbitt Bearings
Presented October 2017

This presentation addresses:

  • Theory and design of babbitt bearings
  • Fitting / scraping of babbitt bearings
  • Speed limitations
  • Care and handling
  • Oil recommendations and considerations
  • Solutions and common causes of oil leaks

Target audience: This presentation will benefit supervisors, managers, sales personnel, machinists and mechanics.

Vertical Motor Maintenance and Repair
Presented November 2013

This presentations covers:

  • Thrust bearing systems
  • Vertical motor types
  • Types of bearings
  • End play adjustments
  • Lubrication
  • Accessories
  • Assembly cautions

Vertical Bearing Systems and Setting End Play
Presented August 2011

This presentation looks at various configurations of vertical motor thrust bearing arrangements. It focuses on the reason for having or not having end play, what that end play should be and how to get there. Some pitfalls of setting end play such as internal bearing clearance, spring loaded bearings and back-to-back bearing sets also are examined.

Target audience: This presentation is most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, and engineers involved in the disassembly and reassembly of vertical motors with thrust bearings.

How to Construct and Operate a Temporary Bake Oven
Presented October 2018

This presentation demonstrates an easy-to-build temporary oven that can be constructed in the service center or in site. The recording covers:

  • Materials to use and where to obtain
  • Heating: electric, propane, or other?
  • Measuring winding temperature
  • Regulating oven temperature
  • Storage of the parts when not in use
  • Safety concerns and cautions

Target audience: This presentation will benefit service center supervisors and management.

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