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Vibration for Service Centers Webinar Series Recordings

  • Category: Webinar Recording
  • Presenter: Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
  • Recording duration: 15 hours
  • Size: 820 mb download
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Members rely on EASA to provide technical assistance and training in all areas related to machinery repair. In the area of machinery vibration, there are training providers that offer general classes in vibration analysis and balancing, but the content is geared to plant maintenance personnel who would be conducting in-plant predictive maintenance services. Some key areas important to EASA service center technicians is not covered adequately, and much of the content does not apply to vibration testing conducted in the service center. This 12-part (15 hour) webinar program is designed to address those shortcomings and provide fundamental training in vibration analysis and balancing that directly applies to technicians working in the service center.

Who should view this series?
Service center technicians who measure and analyze machinery vibration, and those who must evaluate the vibration data will benefit greatly from the fundamental understanding and knowledge provided by this training series. Service center engineers who may be involved in writing, interpreting and applying vibration and balancing specifications and tolerances will gain a practical understanding of the terms, definitions and parameters encountered in those specifications.

As with any technical subject, fundamental math skills will allow attendees to quickly comprehend concepts and apply techniques. Vibration results from the mechanical and electrical forces at work in machinery, and a fundamental understanding of those forces, and machine components that cause them, will aid in the understanding and application of the subject matter.

The 12 parts of the series include:
• Part 1 - Introduction & Overview
• Part 2 - Amplitude, Frequency & Phase
• Part 3 - Vibration Tolerances
• Part 4 - Basic Vibration Analysis (Part 1)
• Part 5 - Basic Vibration Analysis (Part 2)
• Part 6 - Dynamic Balancing Basics
• Part 7 - Resonance
• Part 8 - Time & Speed Transient Analysis
• Part 9 - Rolling Element Bearing Vibration
• Part 10 - Demodulation & High Frequency Band Measurements
• Part 11 - Field Analysis Techniques
• Part 12 - Field Balancing-Problems & Solutions

System requirements
• A computer with a DVD drive (does not apply to downloadable version)
• A video player capable of viewing MP4 files (Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.)
• Adobe Reader (For viewing and printing the included handout. Download it for free from
Download file size is 820mb

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