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Root Cause Failure Analysis-2nd Edition (Manual, black & white)

  • Category: Engineering Reference Materials
  • Format: Manual
  • Number of pages: 328
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"

This book is also available in color. Prices are being DISCOUNTED on remaining black & white books while supplies last! The book included with this product is printed in black & white.

For this second edition, the manual has been reorganized and updated with new information including a new approach to methodology, new case studies and a new section covering synchronous machine failures. This could not have been done without many contributions from EASA members and the Technical Education Committee.

With 328 pages, the book provides extensive information, including a wide range of failures, the likely causes listed, and the methodology for confirming the probable cause of each failure.

Members may purchase a printed manual and/or a PDF download. The printed manual in this package is BLACK & WHITE, while the download shows most of the failure photos in COLOR.

Sections in the manual include:
  • • Root Cause Methodology (all new)
  • • Bearing Failures
  • • Stator Failures
  • • Shaft Failures
  • • Rotor Failures
  • • Mechanical Failures
  • • DC Motor Failures
  • • Synchronous Machine Failures (all new)
  • • Accessory Failures
  • • Case Studies (expanded)
  • • References
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