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Pump Theory and Application - Webinar Recording Bundle

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A special discounted collection of 7 webinar recordings focusing on pump design thoery and how to determine is a pump is appropritate for an application.

Once purchased, all 7 recordings will be available on your "Downloadable products purchased" page in your online account.

Downloadable recordings in this bundle include:

Quick Pump Curves: How to Read Them
Presented July 2011

This presentation takes the mystery out of pump curves and provides viewers with the necessary knowledge to determine pump operating points, efficiency and horsepower. The exclusive parameters that determine if a pump is likely to cavitate are also discussed.

Target audience: This presentation is intended for application engineers, sales personnel, managers and interested pump technicians and supervisors.

The Basics: What Every Repairer Needs to Know About Pump Curves
Presented August 2016

This presentation covers:

  • Head & flow = volts & amps for pumps
  • Testing pumps to their performance curves
  • Troubleshooting pump performance
  • What the pump curve tells you about cavitation 

The Basics: What You Should Know About Pump Cavitation
Presented December 2016

This presentation covers: 

  • What is classic pump cavitation?
  • The NPSHA – NPSHR relationship
  • How to identify the evidence of cavitation
  • Other types of cavitation

Using Variable-Speed Drives to Improve Pump System Efficiency
Presented May 2018

This presentation discusses:

  • Potential savings for pump operations
  • How service centers can profit
  • Identifying system benefits

Target audience: This webinar will benefit service center technicians and supervisors.

Pump Seals — Advanced
Presented February 2012

This presentation focuses on:

  • A review of seal basics
  • Seal materials for primary and secondary seals
  • How to determine spring tension values
  • How to calculate PV values
  • Seal flush plans

Vertical Turbine Pump Shaft Journal Bearing Material, Types and Clearances
Presented December 2017

The rules of thumb often applied to journal bearings in horizontal machines don’t apply to vertical machines. Vertical turbine pumps are a common example. This presentation explains the characteristics of bearings in these pumps and provide examples of manufacturers specifications. In addition, specialty bearing materials will be discussed in regard to applications, specifications and installation.

Target audience: This webinar is most useful for service center technicians and engineers. The content is beneficial for supervisors and managers who are responsible for pump failure analysis and testing.

Vertical Turbine Pump Shaft and Bearing Types, Fits and Clearance
Presented November 2018

This presentation covers:

  • Shaft material and specs
  • Shaft coupling types
  • Machining for shafts
  • Bronze, plastic, graphite and cutlass bearing options
  • Bearing clearance concerns and reference data 
  • Bearing housing fits

Target audience: This webinar will benefit service center technicians and supervisors.

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