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Fundamentals of Pump Repair (Download)

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  • Number of pages: 166
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The repair of the various types of pumps represents an important segment of the service center repair market. Electric motors and pumps are the two most widely used industrial machine components.

Although there are two principle pump types (dynamic and positive displacement), this manual focuses on dynamic pumps and the fundamentals of dynamic pump repair. The information it contains will be helpful to both novice and experienced pump repair technicians, to supervisors and managers of pump repair operations, and to customer service and sales personnel who communicate with customers about pump repair issues.

Section 2 covers repair concerns and techniques common to most pumps, while the following sections focus on specific pump types and the unique concerns associated with repairing them. These sections include submersible pumps, vertical turbine pumps, end suction pumps and split case pumps. Where appropriate, these sections may reference the general repair information in Section 2.

Table of Contents- (Download the complete Table of Contents)

• Nomenclature
• General Pump Repair Procedures
• Submersible Pumps
• Vertical Turbine Pumps
• End Suction Radial Split Pumps
• Axial Split-Case Pumps
• Seals
• Pump Reliability
• Glossary and Standards Organizations

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