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2019 Rewind Study / Good Practice Guide Bundle

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Size: 8.5" x 11" (Letter)

This bundle contains:
The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors
This valuable publication explains the findings of a major study that analyzed the impact of repair/rewinding on the energy efficiency of Premium Efficiency/IE3 electric motors. This study was a follow up to a 2003 study.

The results of the first study, which were published in 2003 (also included in this document), clearly showed that the efficiency of energy efficient and IE2 motors ranging from 7.5 hp to 200 hp (5.5 kW to 150 kW) can be maintained (and sometimes improved) if the stator is rewound using established good practice procedures.

The increasing use of premium efficient motors mandated by various countries led to a second rewind study in 2019, this time to determine if the efficiency of premium efficiency and IE3 motors can be maintained when they are rewound using the good practices described in the 2003 rewind study and ANSI/EASA AR100-2015: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Electrical Apparatus.

As with the 2003 study, the results of the 2019 rewind study that follow clearly show the answer is YES–with the average efficiency change for the entire test group falling within the range of accuracy for the test method (± 0.2%). In several instances, motor efficiency actually improved.

This is also available as a free downloadable PDF.

Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency
(based on the 2019 and 2003 Rewind Studies of premium efficiency, energy efficient and IE2 (formerly EF1) motors)

The purpose of this guide is to provide repair/rewind practices and tips that will help service center technicians and motor winders maintain or increase the efficiency, reliability and quality of the motors they repair.

Some of the included procedures derive directly from the 2019 and 2003 rewind studies by EASA and AEMT of the impact of repair/rewinding on motor efficiency. Others are based on the findings of an earlier AEMT study [1998] of small/ medium size three-phase induction motors and well-established industry good practices.

The procedures in this guide cover all three-phase, random-wound induction motors. Much of the guide also applies to form-wound stators of similar sizes.

(Note: This guide provides many specific procedures and recommendations. Alternative practices may accomplish the same results but must be verified.)

This is also available as a free downloadable PDF.

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