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Rewind 2023

  • Category: Convention Presentations
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Revisit EASA's 2023 Convention & Solutions Expo by buying access to recordings of the general sessions and education events streamed from EASA's website! These recordings provide just over 32 hours of training. Downloadable PDFs of slides and technical papers are included!

How do I access this content?
After purchasing, you can access the streaming content by going to the Convention or Training menus at and looking for "Past Convention Presentations" ... or you may go directly to

General sessions

  • Keynote - Together Towards Success! Reall? But Life Would be Easy If It Weren't for Other People - Connie Podesta, Author & Keynote Speaker
  • EASA Industry Research: New Insights from Plant Maintenance Customers - Jerry Perbolte, Prof. Emeritus, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, AR
  • What About the Economy?! - Christopher Kuehl, Ph.D., Armada Corporate Intelligence
  • Regulation Trends, Supply Chain Issues, ESG Policies - Kirk Anderson, Nidec Motor Corporation, NEMA M/G Energy Management Committee Chair; and Tim Albers, Nidec Motor Corporation, NEMA M/G Technical Committee Chair
  • Opening Remarks and Presentation of the EASA Award

Technical presentations

  • Synchronous Motors & Generators: Basics, Operation, Troubleshooting, Testing & Repair - Javier Portos, Integrated Power Services, LLC
  • Vibration Diagnostic Methods and Corrective Strategies for Machine Reliability - Bob Sayer, PE, Vibration Institute
  • Winding Verification - Tom Bishop, PE, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • Pump Repair: Working with Close Tolerance Fits - Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
  • Vertical Motors: Bearing Systems - Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • Fractional-slot Concentrated Windings: Where and How They are Used - Mike Howell, PE, EASA Technical Support Specialist
  • Technology Update for Condition Monitoring: Sensors, IoT and AI - Ed Spence, The Machine Instrumentation Group
  • Peer to Peer: Leveraging New Technologies - Iain Jenkins, Jenkins Electric Co.; Frank Vitucci, RDI Technologies; Thomas Schardt, Nidec Electric Corp.; and Frank Mignano, Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions

En Español

  • Consejos para Desmontar Motores - Carlos Ramirez, Especialista de Soporte Técnico de EASA
  • Procedimientos para Almacenar Motores Eléctricos - Carlos Ramirez, Especialista de Soporte Técnico de EASA
  • Fundamentos de Rediseño de Motores CA - Carlos Ramirez, Especialista de Soporte Técnico de EASA

Sales/marketing presentations

  • Customer Centered Selling - Rob Jolles, Jolles Associates, Inc.
  • Peer to Peer: How to Build Your Company and Personal Brands via LinkedIn - Crystal Bristow, Jenkins Electric Co.; Kelley Fujino, Lubbock Electric Co.; and Justin Hatfield, HECO, Inc.
  • Why People Don't Believe You - Rob Jolles, Jolles Associates, Inc.
  • No More Order Taking! - Rob Jolles, Jolles Associates, Inc.

Management presentations

  • Leadership: Create a Team Excited to Get the Job Done - Connie Podesta, Author & Keynote Speaker
  • Peer to Peer: Sustainability - Emerging and Developing Opportunities in the Motor Service Industry - Frederic Beghain, EASA Region 9; Edwin den Breejen, Bakker Repair + Services; Bjorn Mjatveit, EMR Consulting AS; and Derry Sheehan, Avonmore Electrical Co., Inc.
  • Communication: Connect, Collaborate, Negotiate - Connie Podesta, Author & Keynote Speaker
  • How to Manage Your Sales Team – from an EASA Member - Ron Keppel (Retired), Illinois Electric Works, Inc.
  • Peer to Peer - Get Better Results: Use an Operating System - Kyle Fritz, Northwest Electric LLC; Tim Hebert, A&W Electric, Inc.; and Paul Rossiter, Energy Management, Inc.
  • Why Are You Getting So Many Calls / Emails from Private Equity Investors and Bankers? - Glenn Tofil, England & Company
  • Family Business Succession Planning - Thomas Deans, Ph.D., Détente Financial

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