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Safety Module Program - Part 7: Industrial Lift Trucks

  • Category: Webinar Recording
  • Presenter: Tom Barnes, Compliance Specialists, Inc.
  • Recording duration: 1 hour 54 minutes
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This recording provides help in implementing Module 7 of EASA's Safety Module Program. This product includes both the manager and employee sessions as well as all related documents and materials.

Studies have shown that more than 25% of all occupational injuries are related to material handling. These injuries not only bring hardships to the employees injured and to their families, but the impact on productivity and profitability can be tremendous. The operation of industrial lift trucks has been responsible for incidents involving death, serious injury, damage to buildings, damage to stock, and damage to the forklifts themselves. Since considerable risk is involved in the use of industrial lift trucks, OSHA has required that all workers using these types of trucks be properly trained in the use and maintenance of such equipment.

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